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Help Kanji tattoo help


29 Dec 2020
Hey y'all :)

I've been looking forward to getting a tattoo for a long time, and I've come to a conclussion that a kanji tattoo would be my best bet, to define myself as a human being. I want to tattoo positivity from beginning to end. And what i mean by that is that, a very crucial thing in my life is positivity, and happiness. I've digged around on the forum and I've stumbled upon an old thread, which lead me to this 陽気 which would be my best bet when talking about overall positivity as a mood.

Also I've stumbled upon 終始 which means "from beginning to end."

My idea is that I want to tattoo 陽気 終始 which should mean, positive or positivity from beginning to end. Can anyone fact check me if I am right? I would be extremely thankful.
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