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Travel Japan hotel prices surge as tourism picks up

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14 Mar 2002
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According to a survey conducted by Nikkei,
room prices at Japanese hotels are soaring on a rebound in domestic travel and foreign tourism. Nikkei surveyed fifty hotels with more than 100 guest rooms in five major Japanese cities: Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Each city showed a strong rise in the rate. About 20% of hotels report an increase of 10% to 40%, with 60% saying average daily rate (ADR) will climb at least 50%. The rise was particularly notable in Tokyo, with ADR increasing by 50% or more at all seven facilities that responded to the survey. […]
As inbound tourist numbers continue to rise, room rates likely will as well. The total number of overnight guests from overseas was 5.92 million as of February, about 64% of the pre-pandemic level. Chinese tourists are finally returning to Japan in numbers on par with other countries as of April. "With the recovery in Chinese tourists, the total number of overseas overnight guests in May will return to about 80% of the pre-pandemic level," estimated Takuto Yasuda, a researcher at NLI Research Institute.

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I was armchairing it a little on google maps, thinking it'd be nice to travel some in May (after golden week was done and gone). I didn't put in dates, so nothing too specific, but some of the hotel/minshuku rates that appeared when hovering over things did seem quite high.
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