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I don't know about this Go To Travel stuff, but I do think people now here want to get out of their houses and start seeing this country. I did some camping around this country this year and and for the most part the campsites were full. But in June many of the city campsites were off limits.
Hope everything will open back up by May of next year for all these free campsites.
The Japanese government is "mulling" over when to resume the Go to Travel campaign and said it could be as soon as late this month to help the tourism industry recover from a COVID-19 slump.

A revived "Go To Travel" campaign would likely serve as a core measure to stimulate consumer demand, the business daily reported, without citing sources. Japan is set to ease border controls to let foreign tourists in from July 10 as coronavirus infections ease. The government will decide on the campaign soon, the Nikkei said, without specifying time.

Japan's travel subsidy program slated to run from mid-July until the end of August has been postponed.

After consulting with Kishida on Thursday morning, tourism minister Tetsuo Saito concluded that now is not the time to restart a program designed to encourage large groups of domestic travellers to cross prefectural borders. This is especially important during the Bon holiday season in August when many Japanese traditionally return to their hometowns. "There were strong expectations among those involved in the tourism and transportation sector for the national discount program. But considering the infection situation, we had no choice but to postpone. We'll implement the program as soon as the infection situation improves," Saito told reporters.

However, the central government has agreed to continue subsidizing until the end of August a separate program that allows residents to travel within their own prefecture, to adjacent prefectures or within a specific regional area. Such subsidies will go toward travel discounts as well as coupons for local businesses. The government will help subsidise local travel by giving individual prefectures funding to cover either 50% or 5,000 JPY of the cost of round-trip transportation tickets, as well as the cost of distributing up to 2,000 JPY worth of coupons per person.

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