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Seeking In search for Jamaican's babymom's boyfriend


30 Mar 2021
Hello there, I'm in search for Tebassa Yukie Honda in Japan. I was travelling in Jamaica and ran into a nice lady in search of her child's father. Would be very welcomed if somebody could help me out.

As far as I know he's involved in automobile trade. Thx in advance. Slave for gods blessing
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Hi, I have removed the phone number from your post. People can contact you in this thread or via Private Conversation.
I'm in search for the father of the child in Japan whos name i've posted. It seems that somebody (a women in Jamaica) is pretending to be the babymom and has kidnapped the parents child. The true mother is now in search for the father and has asked me to help her find him to bring the family back together. Sadly I have no more information to the problem for now, tho I'll try to contact the mother again and post more data if I can. The child must be a youth whilst she should be in her forties or end of her thirties. About the father I sadly have the least data for now except for what I've posted.
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