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Birth Mother Search - Yataka Kimoto


31 May 2002
Hello from Mobile, Alabama (USA). My dear husband was born in Osaka Japan in October of 1955. The Father was an American Military Captain we believe, they did not marry.

He was later adopted by an American Army Sargeant and his wife and eventually left Japan for Germany, then returned to the U.S. My husband's name was Yataka Kimoto, his mother was only 16 when he was born but he was not placed for adoption uptil 3 or 4 years later.

I know his mother's family know she had him so I am not fearful of embarrasing her in her life. He speaks of his Mother often, he wonders if she is still alive and the circumstances of why he was taken from her. I do not know how to begin such a search in Japan, especially with the language difficulties. Our son who embraces his Japanese heritage also would like to make contct with any family members willing to reach out.

Is there anyone who can help us or direct us to someone who can assist in locating his Mother?

Thank you so very much.
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