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I made a web app to learn KANA


11 Oct 2021
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I made this little app for me to practice kana reading/wrinting (it's in portuguese. but has few ui text)

Here is how I use it:

1. Select the kanas you want to practice. You can do this by clicking on individual syllabs or by clicking the checkbox or activating "TODOS" (all).
"NENHUM" unselect all
2. As I use android, I installed google keyboard with japanese handwriting so I'll choose romaji and input the requested kana and click enter on the keyboard so it won't remove the keyboard as I procedd for the next kana. Enter works for romaji too on gboard
3. A message will appear saying if you got it right or not
4. any input is accepted (romaji, hiragana, katakana) I plan to correct this in the future. If you choose romaji and you just copy the syllab if will mark as correct lol
5. "SAIR" exists the session, coming back to kana selection. "ENVIAR" sends the answer. But you can actually just press enter on the device keyboard. it's BENRI

I thought it could be useful for you as I'm using it to practice kana writing.

ganbatte kudasai
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