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Help save Mandylion's CD-ROM drive - become a legend

Hi just a few little things:
Do you have the latest version of:
Windows? (via system update)
Burning software?

Also if you have Easy CD Creator uninstall direct cd, thats the part that specificlly needs UDF1.5, which can conflict because DVD's use UDF 2.1. Windows XP comes with UDF 2 on it as default.

UDF is backwards compatable, you put 2.1 on and if the computer needs to use 1.5 then it can.
Thanks Ewok85 - Yes, I have the latest version of Windows from the updates, but I only have the burning software that come with the system. I don't know exactly what it is, but I will check when I get home.
It should have a button for 'update' somewhere. I'd highly recommend taking DirectCD (or InLine if you have Nero) off if you dont use it, it causes problems for alot of people.

Goodluck! 👍
hmm maybe try using a different burning program like nero burning rom...

oh yeah the guys at the other forum haven really said anything different from whats here yet, ill let ya know if they come up with something interesting.
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