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Question Help in filling out form - Koseki by mail


6 Mar 2020
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I need help filling out a form to request for a copy of my Koseki. I did some research and I found out that it is located in Joyo city (Kyoto Prefecture). I need it to be able to renew my passport, although I don't currently live in Japan.

In the city website (www.city.joyo.kyoto.jp/0000000274.html), I found this form in the Family Certificate section and it looks like you can request by mail.

So my question are:

- Can you request this document overseas (not being currently living in Japan?)
- Since I'm not fluent in writing Japanese to fill out this form, I was wondering if there is any agency that could guide/help me on the process of requesting a copy of my Koseki?

Attached is the document I found in the Joyo city website to get a copy of the Family Register (Koseki).

Any help is appreciated,
Thank you


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