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Hello, everyone!


14 May 2021
Hey, everyone
My name is Freddy and I'm from Venezuela
Presently I'm barely N5 and I was looking for a place where I could talk about Japanese-related topics. Nice to meet you all!
nice to meet you too! Welcome to JREF! I bet you will like this site there is so much about Japan on here!
Welcome to the forum, Freddy!

Thank you so much! I see that this is a rather active forum.

Well, we cannot compete with social media but we have carved out our little cozy space on the internet. Some of us have been around here for two decades. Enjoy your stay! :)
Hope when all this pandemic crap is over that you make it to Japan to study. There's a lot of helpful info here on the language and many other topics. A lot of good info on MEXT also to help you. Feel free to ask questions , staff & members are very helpful.
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