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Hello everyone!


10 Jan 2021
Hello everyone and nice to meet you!
My name is Kseniya, I'm from Ukraine.
I'm in love with Japanese and have been learning it for many years.
But, unfortunately, don't work with it on regular basis and don't want to forget what I have already learned.
So recently I decided to create YouTube channel to make song covers in Japanese.
For now I have only one video but plan to download more this month.
Will be happy if you support me!❤️

p.s. don't know, whether forum's rules allow posting links, so if not I bring my apologize. Will be happy to be here anyway and to find like-minded people and new friends.
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Welcome to the forum, Kseniya!

As long as your channel is Japan-related and you promise to participate, we won't mind. ;)

Thanks for sharing!
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