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Hello everyone (Neptunemoon)


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
Hey Im a 18 female from New York. I love anime, video games, obviously japan. I'm trying to learn the language and some day go there. I love different types of music like techno, pop, emode, rock, and jpop. I'm puerto rican and lets see what else can I say. Well I'm not your typical girl thats for sure.
I hope i get the hang of this. I dont know how to find cool pics like everyone else does. If you could tell me how I would appreciate it. I hope I get to know all of you.
Greeting and welcome. Btw, since you tacked your intro onto Basher's thread instead of posting your own thread, I took the liberty of splitting them for you. If you have any further questions re: the forums, feel free to ask away.
Thanks so very much. At first I wasnt sure about threads but now I'm getting the hang of it. I'll be sure to ask if I need any help.
hiya neptunemoon and welcome. what do you mean about finding cool pics? like for your avatar?
just take a pic you like and crop/resize it to size (64x64) then goto your user cp, then edit options, click change avatar, near the bottom and there a place to upload it. if you need help cropping/resizing a pic just let me know.
Yea I probably will need help since I'm not really computer literate. When I find a pic I'll let you know. Thanks for the info your very helpful.
np. you could use this one if you like, nothing fancy, just a little pic thats not one of the defaults. right click to save it to your computer then upload it again as your av.


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Konnichiwa Neptunemoon-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learning Japanese!🙂

Originally posted by samuraitora
yoroshiku to hajimemashite.

@jeisan -- great work. did you make her avatar? It looks very similar to her pic.

Lol do you really think it looks like my pic? Actuallly it sort of does that's cool. I feel so welcomed. Thanks everyone 🙂
Originally posted by samuraitora
yoroshiku to hajimemashite.

@jeisan -- great work. did you make her avatar? It looks very similar to her pic.

it was just a pic i had lying around on my hard drive that i thought would suit her so i resized and cropped it. i have alot of anime avatars on here, by alot i mean more than 1000. though most are too big for this forum. i used to paint them for people in chat all the time. i can make one for you if youd like, just gimme the pic.
I think I found a pic for you to resize but I kind of like my avatar but it still wouldn't hurt to have back ups. Yea I'm all over the place lol let's see how long it takes for me to get annoying.
Hey Neptunemoon! ^_^ If you want some spectacular anime pics then go to animevisions.net! n_n They have lots of pics! OH! And welcome to the forums! Have fun here, cause I am! *jigs a pimptacular jig*
@neptunemoon - no need to worry about being annoying...and the avatar does suit you.

@jeisan - I am tickled by your offer. I have had this avatar for over 2 years now. Brought it with me from another site. Thank you very much for the offer though.
no worries, i know what you mean. even though im capable of making new ones and all, im attached to the one i have. i made it when i joined and havent used another one since. i just noticed you av is samurai jack, i dig that show, even have a t-shirt lol.
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