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grrrrr! I'm Angry! >:D

lol I think if I avoid Nightclubs it's not gonna be so hard to keep my 1st smoochy :p

And I like snow ^^
It makes the landscape looks more...pure :D
ahhh ...

I love snow ... never seen it in my life. I can`t wait till it snows!! :)

Gosh ... seems to me too many things I`m doing for the first time ..

I'm glad you can see the world from myツ point of view Jieshi , and yes , romance still exists!! You just have to bring it out of this stupid baka boy who never understands what I mean!!!!!! :box:

And , even though I`m so desperate for a guy. But I totally resent those who go after girls only having one thing on mind. Not to mention how disgusting it is the "making out" stuff . but this is from someone who goes "eewwww!!" and covers her eyes with her hands whenever a couple kiss in a movie .. :eek:
jieshi said:
I don't agree. I think that romance still exists but you have to make it. Believe me, a girl is going to fall in love with you alot faster if you are being romantic e.g. bringing her flowers, letters etc. than if you just make out with her while you are both drunk (in fact getting her to fall in love with you probably isn't the point in this situation).

I don't see the point in making out with just anyone I think suki-yaki has hit the nail right on the head, you'll just be a number to that person. While you may argue "oh but kissing is so fun!" and "why just kiss one person when you can kiss many"? I totally agree that kissing is a good thing (unfortunately I haven't had my first yet 😊 ) and that it would be totally fun. But I think that buy making out with many random people in the end you are just degrading yourself and not respecting yourself for who you are, a person who deserves the best partner ever that is going to look after you and love you. 😌

Oh and any of the girls on the forums, do you agree with the romance thing?

Ummmmmmmmm, I was going for a lil sarcasm type of thingy there, but uh, *sigh, I guess is hard to get that across a forum. Anyawys, yeah so I was just jokin, but jeishi you should be a lil more open minded. I mean sure is nice to think the way that you do now, even at this young age, that's pretty cool, but don't discard out the window drunken sillyness. It's part of adolescence and of youth. Better you get it out of your system now that at 30 yrs old when u have a wife. I'm not saying you should go and get drunk and jump on all the pretty girls, just go and have a good time, and if anything causual as makin out should present itself, you should just let it happen.
Well...I'm still in a funk. My eyes feel like I've cried so much, but I haven't. It's odd really! :? But I've noticed that recently I feel like having one of those hugs from a guy that just feels warm. Warm and fuzzy =3 that makes you feel like everything has melted away. I could go for one of those riiiiiight



hum...I think I was exactly thinking the same thing as you sil-chan when I was drunk...I mean "need for a warm hug"...
@ sil-chan

Well if I was there I would give you one, so heres a virtual one *gives big, warm comforting hug to sil-chan*

don't ever let some stranger get away with saying something like that to you. Im sure you'll be fine.


I agree with you about guys going after girls with only one thing in mind. I think it is actually really immoral (not to mention low) and I get upset at guys when they do that ( I have a few times). lol thats very cute that you cover your eyes still in a movie, I think thats very sweet lol.

and I am really happy that we share the same view! It s so hard to find girls who agree with our view these days. it's quite sad really.
Pig Pile Hug !!

Uncle Frank plows into everyone and knocks them down into a pile! HUGGA HUGGA !!

Uncle Frank

:D 😍 😊
StarCrap said:
Haha..brother type hug. Now what about a kiss on the forehead? Not going to go that far??

for a girl, yes. Not for a guy though. Actaully I come from an italian family so kissing a guy on the cheek is normal lol
you don't have to worry about what your friends say, but if you want a guy,i will be the ultimate solution to your 'problem'!

i don't worry about getting a girlfriend,i'd rather just wait a girl that i truly have feelings with,instead of making out with random girls,
you know, it comes when it comes

there are more things in life to worry about other than getting a girlfriend
besides,i don't wanna waste time with those random girls

silver angel said:
BTW- A guy came up to me when I was walking down a popular place in my city, and told me I was ugly. Point blank ugly. I stood there. Looked at him as he walked away and kept walking. There are some funny people in my city.

And by funny, I ment mean. >:O

tell him that he has a monkey brain.

or you could ignore what he says
cuz you're beautiful
Who needs relationships when we all got each other. We all got love for one another. And we are all beautiful.
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