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I'm officially a photomodel!


That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
Last weekend i posed for a sparkplug-advertisement Denso, the Japanese manufacturer of various carparts.

I hear you think: Does he look that good???
Well, actually, they needed a pitcrew. So i was wearing a fire-proof racing-overall, racing-gloves, a balaclava and a helmet.

You should be able to see my beautiful eyes though...
There must be a few pictures on which the helmets visor isn't steamed up. Imagine wearing the above outfit with bright hot lights pointed at you, while not being allowed to move a muscle for about 2 hours.
Being a model really is hard work!

It's going to be used throughout Europe, so when you do see a Denso sparkplug-advertisement in the next few months, think of me. I'm the second guy on the left. :dunce:

Congratulations, Peter! It seems that beauty pays off! ;)

If you have a pic, please post it!

While we are at modelling: I have an Austrian acquaintance who resides in Japan and makes his living by working as English/German teacher and by "modelling", or should I better say "acting"? He usually plays a Catholic priest during Japanese wedding parties and seems to be very successful at that. He also played this role in Japanese advertising.
Heh, well, the advert is still in production. It's almost finished. I'll post it when i have it.
And i didn't get any other modelling job offers yet, so i'm afraid that career is short lived.

Great to hear Peter!
I hope that you made good money!

Money in Sapporo for men just sucks.

hehe ... character models :D
I got my own poster, TV commercial, and did shots for a wedding chapel.
Besides being the "Poster Boy" for 2 high schools.

Nope, don't have any of the pictures on me .... hehehe

Speaking of models.
Konishiki is/was married to a model from Sapporo.
Geee .... the story goes that since models don't make much money she worked at a very exclusive "yumejin -- famous folks" soap in Sapporo and
Konishiki met her there while getting a bath and .....
So Moyashi, are you implying that Sumo wrestlers do have sex appeal in the eyes of Japanese ladies? :D
Originally posted by moyashi
I hope that you made good money!

Actually, it was a volunteer job. Just helping out the boss. :D
I don't think there would actually be any people that would pay me to be a model... :dunce:

Don't worry, Peter, even if you don't look like Brad Pitt, there's still a high demand of "gaijin character roles" (just kidding) 😄
LOLOL ... gaijin roles seem to need at least 100kg weight class ;)
unless your a young lady.

Hmmmm speaking of which why are all the womens under-garment models always GaijiN? hmmm ... half body shots can both ways but if a face shoot is done ... always a young gaijin lady ....

heheh ... bikini shot? ;)
Originally posted by moyashi
LOLOL ... gaijin roles seem to need at least 100kg weight class
Hm, makes me contemplate about starting a model career in Japan. Are there any other roles than priests?

But seriously, why are Caucasian models preferred?
Good question, maybe because they look like a gaijin.

Although, if you're famous like Scotty Pipen, Spike Lee, Dennis Rodem, it's never a problem. Or, if you're like the brothers above, and look some what like a rapper, you can get a job being in a pachinko commercial.

hehe ... ask nahoko she should know the answer. A Japanese person told me one time that commericals are made on the group think ability of the Japanese. If Tanaka-san made it, and Saito-san likes it, then Takahashi-san will, of course, like it too.

you got me ....
I've noticed here in London recently... due to the World Cup, there are more japanese themed adverts (on a side note I do not see many for Korean), for Foster's beer and also for Asahi beer. On the Underground (trains), there are adverts usually on the way up the escalators of Asahi beer. The thing is, they feature a series of models holding a bottle of the beer in some exotic martial arts and Zen poses... but only the female models are Asian! What gives?

You have western men advertising this beer in the adverts with what appears to be Japanese women. Maybe I am a bit sensitive about these things but I found it a little strange, since there are like 6 or so different ones and none of them feature a Japanese man. Kinda enforces the whole issue of asian women being depicted as exotic objects by media
Here in Europe McDonald's just started to promote their "Asian Weeks", featuring an ad with a koto-playing "Geisha". Nahoko was genuinely shocked when she saw that on TV, hehe...
Wow this is all so interesting!My name is Kimberly Valentino and I am a model-actress from Los angeles-California.3 years ago a Japanese casting company came to Hollywood and filmed a action movie all over Hollywood.I was cast as a supporting lead.The film went on to do very good in Japan.{ check it out...it's called Sosori U.S.A.}The company ended up packing up and going back to Japan but I had the best time in my life.I would love to have the opportunity to pursue my acting carear in film...television and modeling in Japan for Japanese ads but I don't know any contacts.... what agencies who want to work and sponcer american talent who want to work in this field or who to submit photographs/resumes to in Japan...any sugestions? any advice? any contacts?greatly appreciated....my bags are packed!!!!! +++Kimberly+++
I don't know about getting work in entertainment over there, but the best of luck to you. Since you're an aspiring model-actress and things are image-driven in most parts of the world, you stand a good chance. Gambatte [Good luck, go for it]!
Photos of photomodels

I just read the post of the person whom has recently became a model and read that people wanted to see his photos, well since none were posted i'll post some of mine since i've been in photo advertisements , magazines, posters aswell as a handfull of commercials (but the commercials were of me skateboarding.)

Josh / [email protected]
Ghetto Cities Clothing (Tokyo Promo)
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Josh Kailis (spelling???)

Skateboarding and selling DC shoes?

lololo .... the only Josh that I've seen on TV

Great photos....wishing U all the very best of luck....I am trying soooooo desperately to get with a agency in Japan that represents models/actors from the U.S.A.I am based out of the Valley about 15 minutes from Hollywood California.True we have a few Japanese agencies in Los angeles but if U don't have blond hair or blue eyes unfortunately they R not interested...please keep me posted guys...thanks
@ gettocities, great pics,, wish you all the best in your almost certain future career, hope it all goes great for you!!!!!🙂 🙂

@ kimberly, post a pic if you have one you never know your luck!!! you could be spotted HERE!!!!!!!!

as with gettocities I wish you all the best in your career and hope you get the break your looking for🙂

@ twisted we are still waiting on the big pic, come on dont be shy!!! lolol🙂
Well, i still didn't get a copy myself.
Although i think the ad is already been published in some magazines. I've seen my colluegues work on various different language versions of the ad.
Thanks Deborah...I will post a photo and resume as soon as I can!!!! also good luck 2 U as well ghettocities...loved the photos...if U guys need any Japanese agencie contact info here N Hollywood- California...U.S.A... let me know...I have some legit agencies who I have worked for on a couple of fun projects in the past...Planning a trip 2 Los angeles?I have the contacts so that U can make some extra money on the set or projects during your stay here +++ peace and harmony+++ +++KIM++
@ twisted,, I was just scrolling threw this and realised that we never did get that pic of you! I'm curious how did the modeling carreer go for you? have you had any more work? 🙂
I'm returning to Japan, let's hope I get spotted!

I'm really excited that I'm returning to Japan in 12 days, I'll be in Tokyo/Yokohama/Chiba being filmed/photographed mostly for skateboarding, if anyone sees me than say hi, my name is Josh. I really hope that when i return i'll be spotted sometime and get some coverage in magazines, ads, etc.etc., i'm meeting someone my first week for a possible photo shoot so im anxious to hit the streets in some really fashionable outfits that havent even been worn yet. until then, 12 days until i'm back.

Josh / Ghettocities


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Well, i've actually been able to find it.
I'm the second guy on the left.


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