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10 Jun 2021

★Free birth control pill prescription campaign★ ]- for only foreign residence in Japan


A campaign is now underway where the first 50 will be able to receive a free consultation and prescription pills at 'YOLO PILL ONLINE'!

Use YOLO PILL ONLINE during this campaign, and get a free consultation and birth control pills and liberate yourself from your montly menstrual problems!

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▼Campaign Overview

Campaign period:
Monday, August 2, 2021 to Monday, Oct 31, 2021

Those who meet the following conditions are eligible for the campaign.

・First time users of YOLO PILL ONLINE who have signed up for the subscription plan

How to participate:
①Make an appointment with 'YOLO PILL ONLINE' during the campaign period.*When making an appointment, please be sure to apply to the subscription plan
②Receive a consultation from the doctor
③ Follow the instructions to purchase and have shipped your next sheet of pills from the subscription plan

Please note:
During this campaign, the initial consultation and prescription fees of 4,950 yen will be 0 yen. However, you will be charged 3,498 yen for the subscription plan.

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▼If you do not make use of this campaign:

・The consulation + prescription fees for the first sheet of birth control pills will cost 4,950 yen
・The second sheet of birth control pills will cost 3,498 yen
Total: 8,448 yen

▼If you make use of this campaign:

・The consultation + prescription fees for the first sheet of birth control pills will be 0 yen
・The second sheet of birth control pills will be 3,498 yen
Total: 3,498 yen

★Get 2 sheets + a consultation with the doctor for the price of one sheet!
Reading through this ad for this valuable service, I think it could be improved by changing point 2 to "Have a video consultation with the doctor". People may be used to face-to-face consultations with a doctor and be put off by the fact that the doctor is in Iwate. Hope the service is a success!
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Thank you for your reply!
Yes, the doctor is in Iwate, but people can take an consultation anytime by online!

Thank you for your warm comment.
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