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online shopping

  1. P

    Question Anybody purchased something on Amazon Japan with American debit card before?

    When I made an account and tried to make my first purchase, it froze my account and asked me to send some stuff with my info to verify that it's me. And when I did that, they kept sending rejection emails to me, and after multiple tries, they just decided to close the account. Does this kind of...
  2. P

    What would be 請求先情報 equivalent for US bank?

    I tried purchasing something for the first time on Japanese Amazon with a US debit card, and it said that my account is locked and I would need to send a picture of a 請求先情報 which should include the last four digits of my debit card or my bank account number, my full name and address and phone...
  3. C

    Looking for Bloggers or Japanese Stuff Lovers!

    I am running a Japanese goods website, specifically Okinawan goods only. Anything made with Okinawan ingredients or design is sold on my website. Every month new products are added and makeup/scarves/accessories are next up. I am looking for bloggers about Japan or people who just love Japanese...
  4. Almog

    Japanese phrases for shopping online

    Hello! I like buying Japanese fashion items (from online flea markets). I've tried and it was ok (the girls sent to the shopping service address) But I was wondering if you can help me translate some shopping phrases to communicate better.! It would be great help for me. I read on the rules to...
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