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  1. thomas

    News Japan bans welfare recipients from going to university

    Hard to fathom: Japanese welfare recipients are prohibited from studying. This often leads to students dropping out when they face financial difficulties. The welfare ministry refuses to change the 1963 rule, which bans welfare recipients from attending higher education, despite calls from...

    Services Get FREE online consultation + 1 month of birth control pill

    ★Free birth control pill prescription campaign★ ]- for only foreign residence in Japan A campaign is now underway where the first 50 will be able to receive a free consultation and prescription pills at 'YOLO PILL ONLINE'! Use YOLO PILL ONLINE during this campaign, and get a free consultation...
  3. musicisgood

    Question Welfare for foreigners

    Is the Japanese govt. going to refuse those foreigners that are on welfare their PR and send them back to their country upon renewal of their PR? By law, the welfare is only for Japanese people ( citizens of Japan ).
  4. Mike Cash

    News Poultry Problems

    I realize that most people don't click on the Japanese news articles I link here, but if you can read it yourself or have some techno-cheat that will translate it for you, you might find this exposé of Japan's egg farming and poultry production conditions interesting. The first thing that jumps...
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