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Flag for opinions


25 May 2019
opinions i will pm and explane why i think it is one way or the other.


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i have posted a review of the flag book. one person who bought it said he would like more historical context on slogans. I agree with this. there are some sayings in other countrys that only they can understand a culture thing. for that reason this flag was strange it has the slogan "DRAGON and TIGER: TWO MIGHTY RIVALS". I know both animals are significant in Japanese culture. why rivals? i personally have never heard this saying does it have cultural significance. assuming the flag is real.
It literally only says "dragon & tiger" (龍虎). The two mighty rivals thing comes from a dictionary (I see it in the EDICT entry). In other words, it could be translated that way depending on the context. In this context I would guess it's just a phrase telling the soldier to be strong and to persevere like the two strongest animals in mythology.
Here are some notes about the meaning of dragon/tiger in Chinese mythology. I imagine the Japanese meaning is more or less the same. There's a wikipedia page on it but it doesn't really say much.

The section on the lower right is from some "11th" Imperial Military group in Asahikawa city (Hokkaido).
The organization written at the lower right corner is 帝国在郷軍人会旭川市中央分会第十一班 the 11th Group of the Imperial Military Reservist Association Asahikawa Central Branch.
check out the tabs on this flag just noticed them


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Kimigayo (the title of the Japanese national anthem)

が is written in hentaigana there. Dakuten is often not used in classical Japanese.
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