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Finding work with a tourist visa/age bias


6 Dec 2013
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Also bless you just in case you sneeze.

Really great to hear, in Paul Harvey's words, "the rest of the story." (You may be old enough to know who he was.)

Sorry about the late reply, but yes I do! But I initially knew about him due to Rich Hall's impression of him on Saturday Night Live in the 80's. This was the first skit I saw of him playing Harvey (since you're in the U.S., the link will work fine): Watch Weekend Update: Paul Harvey on a Political Family From Saturday Night Live - NBC.com

As an aside since I didn't think it's worth its own post: I contacted all three of my schools via email (in Japanese) about visiting when I'm on vacation, and only one responded. I was happy that one responded; the fact that all three didn't wasn't a real shock (I was told that public-school teachers tend to get bumped around every 3-4 years; is it the same with kocho and kyoto sensei?). The one that contacted me told me that it was OK to come into the faculty room and visit the teachers. But not only wasn't I allowed to see the students, but a message that I tried to send the students before the school year ended (under the assumption that it would be read during lunch break) would not be allowed. The first element wasn't too much of a surprise, but the second element threw me for a loop. I know I'm not an employee anymore, but I'm devalued enough to where kids aren't allowed to get a brief update on my life during a break in their school day? It wasn't a harsh response that was sent to me; the tone was more along the lines of "this may sound harsh and unfair but this is the way it has to be." But it's still a bitter pill to swallow. So I'm staying for an extended weekend in the city-- attending a soccer game, visiting all of my hotspots, and just being generally out and about in the city where hopefully prior students and teachers would recognize me. I'm hoping for good weather!
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