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Finding people.

It depends on a lot of things... how long ago you last were in touch, how much information you have about them, and your language skills. The web is just a tool to aid your search, the odds of happening across them by chance is slim.
25 years ago :cry: and not so much information. Demo nihongo wa daijoubu desu.
I would try Facebook and Google searches. Look for them or any mutual friends. Though honestly I think it will be tough. I think most Japanese don't have much of a web presence. Many use LINE but you really need a phone number or email or something to find them that way.
Problem is that she probably don't use her family name now. I did find another friend via facebook, that was fairly easy because she kept her Japanese family name (along with her new Danish surname).
The one I am looking for, her name is (at that time) Yasuko Michiura !
Maybe I will make a post of all the details I have, if that's ok.
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