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Does anyone like green tea icecream?

I had the best parfait of my life in Uji. They ruined green tea ice cream ice cream for me, because it all tastes awful in comparison.
Aaah, I dislike Green Tea Ice cream a lot. Even Wasabi Ice cream tastes better.

Just give me some Chocolate or Strawberry ice cream and I am more than happy.
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I think Green Tea Ice Cream differs from shop to Shop.

A shop in Arashiyama Kyoto sells it and it's honeslty disgusting.

This little shop by the river in Uji is really Yummy, although I guess not for all..

The green Tea itself ..YUK
I've had green tea ice cream only once, when I was young, and I've been wanting to have another taste~
Matcha Latte

Starbucks has been serving matcha latte for some time now. I assume it must be popular although I've never had it. BTW, Cold Stone Creamery seems to be quite popular in Tokyo. But Hagen Daz and Baskin and Robbins are also very good. 👍
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I do enjoy green tea ice cream every now and then but what I like so much better is shaved ice with condensed milk with a drizzle of maccha green tea.
The bitterness of the tea in perfect harmony with the rich sweetness of the condensed milk.... it's heaven.
I had some green tea and purple sweet potato swirled soft serve in Kamakura. It was tasty. In general, I like green tea ice cream.
I used to go to business lunches at Benihana of Tokyo and had green tea ice cream. Good stuff!
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