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Does anyone have a recipe for taiyaki?

Which of those recipes should I use?
I'd guess the dora-yaki (pancake) seems closest to what I think taiyaki is, but I can't see how to use it with a fish-mold unless taiyaki is meant to be a type of pancake sandwich.

*curses his lack of cooking knowledge*
Konnichiwa kokishin-no-neko-san!

Sorry, but I have a small question. Do you have a Taiyaki-ki(fish-mold)?



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Not yet, although it's on my to buy list. Thank you for the picture, it gives me a lot clearer idea of what a taiyaki-ki looks like.

Also, just in case it helps, my level of cooking skill is that with the exception of the nikuman recipe I tried recently I haven't cooked anything from basic ingrediants for over a decade, hence I question things that might seem obvious to others.
Konnichiwa kokishin-no-neko-san

I think that cooking Taiyaki is easy as same as pancake.;)

wheat flour : 200g
bicarbonate of soda : half teaspoonful
salt : one third teaspoonful
sugar : two tablespoonful
water : proper quantity(Please select by your sense of taste)

1. stir all Ingrediants thoroughly
2. heat the Taiyaki-ki with both sides.(But don't heat to intense heat)
3. spread oil with Taiyaki-ki and pour mixed ingrediants into Taiyaki-ki.
4. put Azuki beanes on mixed ingrediants(Taiyaki-ki)
5. pour mixed ingrediants again on Azuki.(but a small quantity)
6. close Taiyaki-ki and heat both sides.(you turn Taiyaki-ki over at intervals)
7.. finish and enjoy the Taiyaki.👍

Arigato gozaimasu Nangi. 🙂

My chef friend is trying to help me find somewhere in the UK where I can buy a taiyaki-ki, and with luck I'll be able to try taiyaki soon.
The 3 BEST Taiyaki Places in Tokyo

Naniwa-ya 1-8-14, Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
phone: 3583-4975

Wakaba 1-10, Wakaba-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0011
phone: 3351-4396

Yanagi-ya 2-11-3, Nihombashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013
phone: 3666-9901
RE: Looking for Taiyaki Fish Mold

I am looking for a taiyaki fish mold. If anyone can tell me where I can get one, it will be greatly appreciated.

I will be visiting Japan (Osaka and Tokyo) in mid September and I really want to get one. If anyone know, please reply to me.

Thank you. 🙂
We got one for pretty cheap via Yahoo Japan auctions.

You might be able to find one in the kappa-bashi district of Tokyo where there is a whole street full of stores selling kitchen supplies.

Maybe your best bet is the Tokyu Hands department store (there's one in Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Shinjuku).

mdchachi said:
You might be able to find one in the kappa-bashi district of Tokyo where there is a whole street full of stores selling kitchen supplies.
Kappabashi district in Tokyo is famous for restaurant supplies, including plastic food "samples" like this. Shops there tend to be closed in the weekends though.
RE: Taiyaki Fish mold - know any where in Osaka

Thanks for all you help. Does anyone know any store in Osaka that I can get the Taiyaki fish mold? I will be staying there most of the time and it will be easiler if I can find it there. 🙂

Thanks again.
For US domestic folk... the only place that actually HAD THEM in stock (as opposed to listed) that I found - was www.ekitron.com .. only $22USD and suitable for non-commercial use.
Thanks for the recipe leads...
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