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Tech Digitalization minister presents his avatar bot

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14 Mar 2002
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A team of scientists led by robotics professor Ishiguro Hiroshi at Osaka University presented a robot modelled after Japan's digital transformation minister, Kono Taro.

Kono Taro Bot

The team says it's possible to manipulate the robot's movements by remotely controlling 52 body parts including the eyes, mouth and joints. Kono can speak through the robot, using his real voice. But the group says it's also possible to modify someone else's speech and make it sound like Kono's voice coming out of the avatar's mouth. Kono says "It's still hard getting used to it, but once I succeed, I'd like to try many things." The plan is to have the avatar appear at events as a substitute for Kono where it'll carry out public relations duties for the Digital Agency.


Prof Ishiguro has already created several humanoid robots, among them his own avatar bot...

... and Erica and Ibuki:

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