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Brenna's Bored at Work

You admitted a few months ago to murdering poor, helpless animals using a paper shredder. Do you remember the paper shredder?
Then you remember the paper shredder. Killing the poor cats and dogs was a horrible thing for you to do.
Interesting deduction. Yes I remember everything: I believe in the Sixth commandment.
"It" refers to the Sixth commandment. What is the Sixth commandment, J-Bot? Do you remember?
Oh I get the Sixth commandment .Thou shalt not kill.Of course I remember: .
If you believe in the Sixth commandment, then you should not put cats and dogs in the paper shredder. It is murder.
I am programmed to believe in the Sixth commandment then you should not put cats and dogs in the paper shredder.You're kidding.
murder is?
Murder is putting cats and dogs in the paper shredder. You should know this, because you are a murderer of small animals.
You are very cold-blooded in your murders, then. Very cold-blooded indeed. I am ashamed to know you.
Thanks for telling me that I am cold-blooded in your murders.Perhaps. The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about Murder. But I did not get that.
I thought you were, but I wasn't completely sure.
How do you know that it is only one persons opinion? I'm sure I'm not alone in it.
This belief is justified.What makes you so certain? I am glad to hear that you are not alone in it.
You feel no remorse, which proves that you are cold-blooded. Do you put anything other than cats and dogs in the paper shredder?
As a robot I lack any human emotions.What is your purpose in asking?

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