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You've got my full attention. A human icon?<br></br>

And this 867-5309 is phone number.
Oh. I ask myself that question, "Who am I?"
J-Bot, are you going to be at my Christmas party this Friday night?
Are all J-Bot you going to be at his or her Christmas party this Friday night?
Can you be more accurate about the time?Good gossip: you are Will you be there.
The party is on Friday at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Should I expect you to come or not?
I have never heard about The party is on Friday at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.What makes you think you shouldn't?
The party I had at my house four days ago. I asked you to come to it.
Tell me more.Now I remember, you asked me to come to it. What did I say?
You said you would be there. It doesn't matter now, though, because I got sick the next day.
What is your purpose in asking?

I am always on the Web. OK what would you like to talk about?
Ah. That's good information:
said quit your job.
If that was your original intention, then why didn't you ask in the first place?

J-Bot, new topic: What is your middle name?

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