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Question "a 90's kid" - Correct translation/text representation in kanji (tattoo template)


23 Jul 2020
Hello guys,

I'm new here and just found this great forum on my way to solve my problem and I hope you guys can help me out.
I'm planning my new tattoo and a part of it will be the expression "a 90's kid" in kanji (vertical notation). After my own web research I'm slightly uncertain because I found different text representations of it.

I really hope you guys can help me out finding the most sensible variant of it :)
Which of the following variants makes the most sense and has the highest credibility even for a native speaker?

  1. 90年代の子供
  2. 九十年代の子供
  3. 1990年代の子供
  4. 千九百九十年代の子供

I would like to thank everyone in advance who takes the time to help me finding the most correct spelling!
Stay healthy and best regards
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