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News 400,000 yen ‘osechi’ treats on offer in Ginza


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14 Mar 2002
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If you have saved money during the pandemic, how about a little splurging during the New Year holidays? You deserve it, right?


The Matsuya department store in Tokyo's posh Ginza district will offer 10 sets of an Italian-style osechi package for the eye-popping price of 400,000 yen ($3,600) each, including tax. Store operators anticipate that many people will refrain from visiting their hometowns or dining out during the New Year holidays but still want to enjoy luxurious pre-prepared meals at home in lunchbox style. And style is what it's all about. Prepared by a restaurant managed by luxury brand Bvlgari, which also operates in Ginza, Matsuya's meal package includes lobster, black truffle, smoked duck ham and roast beef, in addition to balsamic vinegar aged for 50 years. Chef Luca Fantin said the meal was inspired by the menu served in the Ginza restaurant. Last winter, Matsuya saw its osechi-related sales increase by 40 percent from a year earlier, with many products going out of stock. This winter, it will also prepare 15 sets of an osechi package produced by a long-established upscale "ryotei" Japanese-style restaurant for 129,600 yen each. The Takashimaya department store has also expanded its osechi options, adding a four-tier "jubako" food box prepared by a Japanese restaurant for 324,000 yen and meal packages featuring French, Spanish and German cuisine.

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