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Travel 3D virtual tour of Himeji Castle

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14 Mar 2002
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A highly realistic 3-D CGI virtual reality (VR) walk-through tour of Himeji Castle allows (online) visitors to explore parts of the famous castle that ordinary visitors rarely get to see. Hacosco Inc., a Tokyo-based VR service provider, has created a VR tour that simulates walking inside the castle up to the top floor of the main keep and takes visitors to sections usually closed to the public.


Photo credit: Hacosco Inc.

The VR project was created by a production team of nearly 10 members led by Hacosco Inc., a Tokyo-based VR service provider. The team used a drone, high-resolution cameras and a laser scanner in the autumn of last year to capture images of the castle from all angles over a period of about two weeks. After the images were put together, the members put the laser scanner to work to accurately measure the dimensions to recreate the castle more faithfully.

Link to the virtual tour:

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