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My Japan Tour Guide

this is great! i would add that it is very hard to get out of Japan during summer vacation for school children also. i got bumped THREE days in a row. this may sound inflammatory, but airport personnel seem to have a serious inability to change/make decisions on the fly compared with american airports
thanks for the excellent info! passing the link along to curious friends -- nice layout also!
Hi, I sort of think that people overestimate the cost of going to Japan.

Japan has a lot of good deals for students' budget travel. Actually I have a list of cheap places to stay in Kyoto area, so I will update that, too. Lunch foods are very reasonable in Japan, allowing you to save for better dinner types at night.

I want people to visit Japan and get to know it first hand. Especially people coming from China and Korea, I want them to know that we are good, kind people and we want them to experience our hospitality.
I think the most important cities to cover in Japan is

What do you think?
i like them all! Okinawa also.
"Especially people coming from China and Korea, I want them to know that we are good, kind people and we want them to experience our hospitality."
mm-hmm! admirable! ナ?テヲ窶卍」窶堙≫?堙??堙ー窶ーツコ窶堋ウ窶堋「ツ!
I would like to give a suggestion. When you come to Japan, be humble. They really take to foreigners who take interest in their culture. If they feel that, they will be hospitable to a fault.
I know some Americans who come to Japan and act obnoxious and arrogant. They give the rest of us a bad name.
Oh Doudesuka I'd give some benefit of doubt! It is just that in Japan all white people are seen as Americans!
i (THINK) she is giving a suggestion to other Americans :) that when they go, to be humble, which i agree with...
i saw some foreign kids mis-behaving once while i was over there, being really disruptive...
i thought about punching them a few, but that would have probably made matters worse, and it also goes against my code of being incognito amap.

Good job.

One option for cheap lodging that you didn't mention are youth hostels. It's cheaper plus you can meet other travelers. I've stayed at 5 or 6 of them and they were all good.
Youth Hostels in JAPAN
And some were very interesting -- one was an old thatch-roof farmhouse, another was in a temple.
Yes, deciding on a good gift is a real conundrum. The only thing about giving chocolate is that in general Japanese people don't like chocolate & sweets as much Americans & Europeans. Still it's a good choice since we really don't have many classy gift options in the U.S.

For vegetarian food, Indian restaurants are a good option. There are many in Japan. And most Italian restaurants serve basic arrabiata spaghetti.
chocolate has worked for me a few times - cannot elaborate until i figure out a way to properly describe it.
but i got desirable results, fo sho
there may be a biological reason why women like chocolate (more than men like chocolate?). miro
the card from here enables me to stay at the Olympic Memorial Youth Center.
i liked it - close to Shibuya and Harajuku, and the lodging is essentially a small dorm room with western style bed, with a desk and air-conditioning. 3000 窶ー~ a night i think?
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