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Travel News Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin returns to Naoshima

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14 Mar 2002
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Kusama Yayoi's iconic pumpkin installation, damaged and swept out the sea during a typhoon in August 2021, has been restored and is again on display in Naoshima, Japan's famous art island.

The "Yellow Pumpkin," painted with black polka dots, measures 2 meters high and 2.5 meters wide and is made of fiber-reinforced plastic. The artwork by Kusama had become a symbol of the island since it was installed at the tip of a pier jutting into the sea in 1994. It had attracted islanders and tourists. Strong winds from a typhoon in August 2021, however, washed the pumpkin out to sea. The artwork repeatedly crashed into the pier and was severely damaged. Staff members restored the pumpkin over half a year with Kusama overseeing the work, according to Benesse Holdings Inc., an education-related company, which manages the artwork. The color, size and materials are the same as before, but the artwork was thickened and made heavier to strengthen its ability to survive wind and rain.

Here are a few impressions from our media gallery (courtesy of イェンス).

8435-0535b4e8854bab7a8bd002c495477daf.jpg 8440-2f09eee6a701fb68905082ed0ea23891.jpg 8441-329c2ff68655a0f2c6920701ba9cec8a.jpg
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