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Yamazaki 55 bottle fetches 600k USD

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14 Mar 2002
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Yesterday, a bottle of Yamazaki 55 whisky fetched a staggering 600,000 USD in an auction at Sotheby's. Yamazaki 55 is a blend of Suntory malt whiskies aged in different casks for more than 55 years. A limited number of bottles went on sale in 2020 for about 22,000 USD each.


Sotheby's website says Yamazaki 55 sits at the "pinnacle" of collectible Japanese whisky, "as not only the oldest but also the most valuable bottle in the country's history." The price of Japanese whisky has been driven up by growing global demand and a shortage of materials. In 2019, a set of 54 bottles of Ichiro's Malt Card Series whisky produced in Saitama Prefecture sold in a Hong Kong auction for about 910,000 dollars.

Suntory website:
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