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Do you live in Aichi, Kanagawa or Hiroshima? Looking for Bottled Mineral Water.


8 Oct 2015
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I'm looking for bottled mineral water that is sourced from these prefectures.
I'm having a tough time trying to locate these since I live in the UK and I can't find anywhere online that sells/imports them.

If anyone can get a hold of what I'm looking for and would be kind enough to send them over here to me, I'd obviously be more than happy to pay any costs providing they are not too high. We'd have to discuss it before hand ^_^

I found a Japanese YouTuber that posts videos all about bottled mineral waters from Japan. I've reached out to him via direct message and by commenting on one of his videos, but no response yet and I contacted him a couple of weeks ago.

If you can help, or know of anyone that could, please get in touch. I'd really appreciate it!

Kind regards ^_^
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