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What's the Best Sushi for your money in Tokyo? Conveyor Belt Sushi: Sushiro

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Tokyo Paul

2 Feb 2021
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What's the Best Sushi for your money in Tokyo? Conveyor Belt Sushi: Sushiro | Made in Tokyo

Sushiro started as a famous sushi restaurant named "Tai Sushi" in Osaka. The sushi chef wanted to adapt the design of the store to that of a conveyor belt sushi place with a goal to offer as many styles of sushi as possible to as many people as possible. As of 2019, it has grown to over 520 branches across the country, including branches internationally. Sushiro, with its excellent sushi quality, is inexpensive. Most sushi, including conventional sushi, shrimp, cooked sushi and imaginative sushi, costs 100 yen plus tax per plate.

At a fair cost, you can also order side dishes or desserts. In order to draw Japanese people and foreigners to the restaurant, the rice is so warm and tasty and they often develop new menus each month. You can sit in front of you and select your sushi from the conveyor belt or order it from the touchscreen.

Don't worry if you don't understand words in Japanese. They have setup for the English, Chinese and Korean languages. The infinite self-serve green tea is among the most traditional features of the sushi restaurant. Scoop up a little powdered green tea and add some hot water. From the menu, you can also order coffee, juice or sake.

Address of restaurant in video: 5 Chome-6-1 Minamisuna, Koto City, Tokyo 136-0076
21 Feb 2021
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Sushiro is great. I'm not a big fish-eating guy but one of the exes dragged me along to one and it's hard not to fall in love with it. They have enough non-fish dishes that I could fill up too. Definitely a recommended place to go to kill some time with friends on the cheap.

My only complaint is that, at least in Tokyo, all the locations seem to be a good walk away from any convenient stations. I guess that helps keep costs down, though.
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