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Help What is the name of this dish?

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15 Nov 2020
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Hi everyone,

So I went to Japan for a business trip in Toyohashi area a couple of years ago. And I was brought to a local Izakaya. There I tried a lot of wonderful Japanese dishes (Thank you to all of you for having such amazing culture and cuisine, definitely am going to go to Japan again!). But one dish became my favorite, unfortunately I could only go to that Izakaya once, and I don't know the name of this dish until now. I tried to find it online but it doesn't seem to be correct. I am hoping that I can get the details of the dish here, I want to try to recreate this amazing dish at home so I can once again get good sleeps at night!

It is a chicken katsu with some kind of tartar sauce on it. But the chicken katsu also has some sauce on it which was very very delicious. When I try to search online, most of them refer to it as nanban chicken, but the recipes I found seem to be different than this dish. Tasuketekudasai! Arigato!

This is how it looks like:
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-15 at 20.35.21.jpeg
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