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War Souvenir Help


18 Aug 2020
I am hoping someone may be able to help me translate the name from this Hanko impression, and also any part of the content of this paper document. These are Pacific War souvenirs, and I wish to give them proper respect by understanding what they say if possible. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
With Respect.

Document 1.jpg
Remember, time zones and work hours in Japan sometimes means it will take a day or two to get an answer. Almost always someone will be able to help given time. It's kind of cool to see the things people have and find out some of the history behind items.
On the hanko is usually a name. In this case it says 眞招 (Shinshō?) which would be a highly unusual last name - so unusual that it doesn't show up in a search of Japanese last names. Maybe I am misreading it, or it has another meaning... but nothing is popping up in a search.

The paper is a certificate notifying the recipient of the requisitioning of a navy uniform and other items, addressed to the leader of the 10th Mine Procurement division. There are blank spots for date and the number of items, so it looks like the form was never completed. Just a bit of wartime bureaucracy that never got used.
Thanks You Majestic- I appreciate it very much.
Are you able to clarify '10th Mine Procurement Division'? 'Mine' as in explosive device, 'Mine' as in hole in the ground, or 'Mine' as in possessive/personal equipment?
And what other items?
The Hanko remains a mystery.
Again, thanks for your time and effort. It is a great help to me.
With Best Regards.
Sorry, let me change that.
14th Torpedo Adjustment Division/Section. (I was thinking underwater mine, but its actually "torpedo").

And its not procurement, its a word (調整) that usually has the meaning of adjusting or fine-tuning. In this case I think the division had the general duties of storing, maintaining, and preparing the torpedos. I wonder if it could also include the kaiten human torpedos. I searched around for the "14th Torpedo Adjustment Division" but could only find divisions with other numbers.
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That is very interesting. The document is from the Battle of Iwo Jima which may shed some light. I believe Japanese Navy aircraft used the airstrips there before, and perhaps some were torpedo bombers. It could possibly have come from some administrative office or area at the airfield since it is a blank form.

Does it name the Leader/Commanding Officer?

Thank You Very Much.
It is just a requisition form for navy uniforms and other articles of clothing . It is a blank order form, pre-addressed to the "budget officer". It is meant to be filled in with date, names, and item counts of each item being ordered.
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