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Verification of company: Test Instrument Mart

5 Aug 2020
I am about to trade with a business company in Japan. How can I get verification in here please if the company really exists and really trades in what it says on the web? Thanks John.
ah yes, the business business.

You'll need to provide more information if you want meaningful help.
OK here goes...
Test Instrument Mart
7 Chome-20-3, Taihaku Ward,
Sendai, Miyagi 982-0011
Phone : +81-22-304-1111
Send your money and take your chances. I'll bet $10 that mdchachi is right and you should look elsewhere. Scams are everywhere today and can look very good , but are only good for taking your money.
No people, I know what it means....been scammed in the past. I will heed your advice people. Thanks for your contribution!
We hate to give bad news but hope we saved you some money. Check back in after a day or two and someone else may add more info. Thank you for saying thanks , many don't.
I always feel bad when a member comes to check on the wonderful WWII Japanese war flag they paid big money for and we have to tell them it's fake. We recently had several people in India receive job offers from a fake Japanese company they had applied to and had to disappoint them. At least you were smart and checked. Take care and stay healthy.
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