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14 Mar 2002
Users can now change their usernames without being compelled to contact a team member first. There is a minimum time set between username changes (currently 30 days); also, users will need to state why they want to change their handle to verify that there aren't any nefarious reasons for the request.

To change your username, click on the username link in the top menu, then select Account Details:


Click on Change and fill out the form:


Your request will be reviewed by a team member to allow some level of scrutiny of the name to make sure it isn't inappropriate or otherwise against our ToS. Once your new username has been approved you will receive a notification. There is a "username reuse time limit" of currently 365 days preventing users to choose usernames that were recently in use by another user.

When a username is changed, the change will be indicated on the user's profile and the previous username will be visible for 30 days. Team members will be able to see full username change histories. Users will also be able to see their own full username change history.

In some cases, a user may have a valid reason to change their username without it being displayed publicly. For example, they may be concerned about privacy so they would prefer the change to be kept private. The user would likely contact a member of staff privately to request the change.
There is a "username reuse time limit" of currently 365 days preventing users to choose usernames that were recently in use by another user.
This implies that we can reuse usernames that previous users used and, in a sense, adopt their content as our own. Or would you change the username of the original defunct user to make sure their content is kept separate?
I guess it would apply to cases where user accounts were “anonymised”. Anyhow, such cases should be rare.
Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up. There's a user name of "Mike Cash" and I was thinking if the statute of limitations runs out I could take it over and keep all the accumulated points to myself, thus shooting into the highest echelon of the site. :p
sure driving in traffic makes people grumpy. I always found him insightful though. He took an unusual path working as a truck driver in Japan. He tried to be helpful to many who came by and was often right to get snappy with some as he had seen the same thing an endless number of times.
If he were still around, I definitely wouldn't be. I've never seen a guy offend and insult so many people on a forum and yet be so baffled that they didn't like him. Life seemed to have gotten the better of him. That's just my two cents, and as much as I care to discuss him.
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