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Travel Ueno Park Birdwatching 50 Birds in 360 video 上野公園不忍池

This is really pleasant, I didn't think I was a birder but this looks like a nice hang-out with quite a menagerie.

@thomas I'm guessing something by Insta360
That reminds me: I have the first version of Ricoh's Theta somewhere. Time to reactivate it! :)

That's pretty cool! What hardware are you using for your videos?
Thanks for the question Thomas. I am using Gopro max. I heard it takes the best quality for the money. However now I am thinking of getting insta360 one x2 or maybe x3 if it comes out this year.
I have read good reviews for the GoPro Max. What improvements do you expect of the Insta360?

PS: wow, definitely tempting! :)

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I feed the bird cheese crackers. Mostly the sparrows and they come in by a flock of 30 to 40. The crows try to butt in but I chase them away.
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