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News Tsutaya to offer cheap shared offices

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14 Mar 2002
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Bookstore and DVD rental chain Tsutaya plans to set up some 100 stores in the Tokyo Metropolitan area that will also serve as shared offices or lounges to relax.


The Share Lounge, which will come with high-speed Wi-Fi, is designed to allow users to work there, in addition to reading books and conversing with friends. The company embarked on the project after it received positive feedback from customers during trials of the novel program that started two years ago. With 187 seats in a 660 square-meter space, its first Share Lounge will open at its flagship Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore in the capital's Shibuya Ward on Dec. 3. A carefully assorted selection of 3,500 books on business, art and architecture will be available to customers for read, together with free drinks and nuts. The hourly rate for use of the shared office will be 1,650 yen ($15), including tax. The company also plans to serve alcohol at some point and allow customers to spend the entire day on bookstore premises.

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