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Should have ask for her phone number?


13 Aug 2014
Have you guys get this feeling like you go out and spot a kawaii girl, and just not like asking for her phone number?

And you felt like, "I should have ask for her phone number or something", but you didn't...
If you have two big handfuls of ringgits and ringgets sticking out of all your pockets while sitting in an expensive foreign car ,
they may ask for your phone number.
@Muz1234 "The Malaysian ringgit is the currency of Malaysia. "

Work hard and get your ringgits.

I think we all experience moments like that, all you can do is to give up and just have a bit more courage to talk to a cute girl next time. If the talk goes well ask for contact information.
Sometimes the right woman comes along when you least expect it. A friend asked me to show a young woman who had just moved to my area around town and introduce her to some of my friends. What we call a "blind date". I ended up asking her to marry me and we have been married 43 years now.
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