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Shizukagozen: silence on red signal


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Oh, I could think of various areas of application for this device! :)


A northern Japan company has brought red light, green light to the dinner table with a device that signals when people are speaking too loudly at restaurants. Forte, an IT company based in the city of Aomori, began a demonstration experiment of the "Shizukagozen" device at a local restaurant on March 11. It hopes the machine will help promote "quiet eating" to curb the spread of the coronavirus. When placed on the table, the gadget - measuring about 14 centimeters on a side and 5.5 cm tall - detects ambient sound using a built-in microphone and measures the loudness of conversational voices. It displays one green light when diners are conversing quietly, two when the volume ticks up a little, and then a red light to let them known when they are talking too loudly.

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