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sgCarMart: a legimate company?


4 Aug 2021
hi, i am interested in purchasing a used car to import to UK but am struggling to validate the company i am speaking to. Any ideas how i can do this please
Automotive General Sales Manager,

sgCarMart | UK | UAE | India | Japan | S.Korea

Japan-Tokyo Stock Warehouse Address:

〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya City, 2 Chome−6−11 泰明青山ビル 2F,

South Korea Office: 유일플라자 7층 710호 서구 인천광역시 Incheon KR

Contact person: San Tsukasa, Email: [email protected],
sgCarMart is a Singapore-based business. They look legitimate at first glance:

Their Tokyo Stock Warehouse address redirects to

They seem to be certified members of the Japan Used Motor Vehicles Association (JUMVEA).

Have you been in contact with them?
That's excellent thank you. Yes been dealing with GM via email and seems legit. When i call they just ask me to send query to their admin email. As im buying a car its a few thousand pound so just trying to establish they are legit and its not a scam. Cant be to careful these days.
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