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Searching for my old dearest friend Shiho Tanaka /nee Yamamoto/ 最愛の友達を探す田中志保/山本ニー


21 Apr 2020
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Dear Japanese friends.

My name is Baasanjav Tavkhi from Mongolia, in the city Ulaanbaatar. From 1985 to 1989 I was studied in the city Kiev, Ukrian, in the state institute of culture. I lived with my girlfriend Shiho Tanaka /nee Yamamoto/ from Sapporo, Japan. She is my closest girlfriend. We wrote each other till 1993, after I and she was changed the addresses, and interrupted our relation. I hope, that my closest girlfriend Shiho is alive and healthy. Her son’s name is Eisuke Tanaka as I remember and now should be about 20-21 years old. I want to ask heartfelt, cordial help. Could you find out for me the new address and e-mail address of my girlfriend Shiho. Its will be for me very big pleasure. She will be very glad, if learns, that I search for her. Her last address was: Shiho Tanaka, Kita 30, Nishi x, x-x-xx. Kita-ku, Sapporo, Japan.

I want to announce by TV but I cannot find the address of Sapporo TV, and may be Shiho now live in other city of Japan, I write to you, please help me.

With regards Mrs. Baasanjav Tavkhi. (by Khaltar T, husband)

Phone: xxx-xx-x-xxxxxx, xxx-xxxxxx.


I was attached our pictures


Baasanjav Tavkhiさんについて。
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