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Recent server downtime


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Dear valued Members,

We apologise for the recent downtime.

Following a power outage at the Data Centre, our server went down, and all services needed to be restarted. This happened, of course, on Sunday night after we'd already called it a day.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding!
HA HA , too much excitement in my life lately. Just had to deal with a drunk driver passed out in front of my house. Took 2 cops to haul him away. Had an ambulance crew and 4 cop cars come when I called it in.
Sounds SLIGHTLY excessive with four cars xD
Frank, do you live in a very, very bad neighbourhood?
Lived in my house about 40 years now and only have something interesting happen about once every 5 years , LOL. As a side note , the car had some front end damage. Just before they towed it away , an officer showed up with some front bumper pieces that matched the damage on the car. I'm guessing he hit something and left the scene because he had been drinking. I had never seen the car before so I think it was just a case of he decided to sleep it off on my street. Probably be another 5 years before another event , LOL.
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