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25 May 2019
i have had these for a number of years.


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leaf 1:
to 寺本勤 Teramoto Tsutomu from 寺本勘太郎 Teramoto Kantaro dated 15 Apr 1943
the destination is a coded navy troop/ship. I don't know of this code.
Kantaro seemed Tsutomu's father. He informed Kantaro's younger brother entered a high school.

leaf 2:
to 橋本貞雄 Hashimoto Sadao from 橋本正美 Hashimoto Masami dated 26 May 1943
the destination is a coded navy troop/ship. I don't know of this code.
masami was Sadao's younger brother (a word reads 兄上= my elder brother). he informed he married. He did not mention who married with him and how she was... Sadao seemed in very long service!
I posted them on another forum and got some additional information. they are saying one of the cards is unit code of U66 for Tarawa and U239 for 7th Sasebo SNLF. the translation on top is the best I can get others have told me cards are personal and it is none of my business what they say.
I recently discovered fiverr where you can have various services done for relatively cheap. For example this guy offers translation services. Only $5 for a "small" job. I'm just mentioning it in case you're tired of having to rely on the whimsy of the various Internet forums.
as much as I would like to I wonder if I should. I am not a heartless person. if they are that personal i must think would i want someone reading my personal letter. and I also think the heroic solider more than likely gave his life for the emperor and japan.
leaf 1:
As for "U00" in the recipient's address 横須賀局気付ウ00ウ239, a Google search result says that "ウ00" means that 進出地未定 "the location they will advance to is yet unfixed".

The writer also mentioned two people, probably the recipient's friends. One joined cavalry, and the other joined artillery.

leaf 2:
Sadao seemed in very long service!
Is there any reason you think that?

The writer also mentioned the address of 正茂 Masashige; most likely their younger brother (or could be their relative). He was in a troop in 山口県熊毛郡伊保庄村 Ihonoshō Village, Kumage District, Yamaguchi Prefecture (today's 柳井市伊保庄 Ihonoshō, Yanai City) at the time.
thank you .as far as the long service that was what the translator told me at the time. any other attempt to have them translated people said it was personal and not my business.
Well, that's exactly what I thought. Actually, there is no such information about the recipient on the postcard.

The interpreter might misread the right end column as 其の後長らく御無, but actually it's 其の後長らく御無沙汰致し居りますが, i.e., the writer just apologized for not keeping in touch with the recipient(= his older brother) for a long time. Or, the interpreter might refer to the second line; 兄上にも御元気に軍務に御精働の事と存じます. This is just the writer's hope/guess, something like "I think you must be in good health and...", thus, it's a typical greeting used in a letter. It's indeed just personal information, though.
ok looking at post on other forums here is more on these cards
((Looks to be addressed to a member of the 7th Sasebo SNLF, one with IJN postal code for Tarawa.))
this is what I got for one
((It's been a long time. I suppose you are working fine. Don't worry, we're also working safely.
I've got a wife on May 16, and I've stayed home for a while―that makes my mother carefree.
Masashige?(sender?)'s address is Yamaguchi ken Kumage gun xx village (I can't read), and the West 8th Nakamura troop/group. In the end, xxxx(I can't read)...I wish your health
this was from a native Japanese speaker
The sender says that he stays at home. But he's telling the brother the troop's name as the address..so Masashige might be a different person to the sender. Or, he might join that troop after staying home.))
thank you guys for looking.
正茂 Masashige is not the sender/writer. The sender is 正美 Masayoshi or Masami, as you wrote in the post #2, and his address is Tokushima city. Masashige would be their younger brother or relative, as I already wrote.

The name of the village is 伊保庄村 Ihonoshō Village, as I wrote in the post #6.

The translation "the West 8th Nakamura troop/group" is incorrect, or at least too vague. Masashige was in 西部第八部隊中村隊 Nakamura(= the name of the commander) troop in the 8th Unit/Regiment, Western Army. There was a base of the Western Army in the village.

The phrase next to "In the end (最後に)", is typical greetings for the rainy season 時候不順の折柄 "because it is bad weather".
here is more info on the address thank you

Both are inbound mail marked for the 7th Sasebo SNLF: ウ239. Top has the location code for Tarawa: ウ66. Bottoms has a wonky ウ00 location code, which could be for the general "Naval Military Postal Station" or for Singapore -- not familiar with pre Tarawa 7th Sasebo OOB.

Sasebo 7th SNLF was organized at the Tateyama Naval Gunnery School in February 1943, likely to accommodate training with the several light tanks they had. Maybe the 00 postal code reflects that, but I am not knowledgeable of the IJN postal system. They were planned for deployment to Santa Isabel Island, but as is well known, were redirected and landed on Betio in March 1943.
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