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Noisy neighbours: check out the Street Tribes map


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Are you suffering from noisy neighbours? Now you can denounce them online. 🧐

Chatty neighbours and children letting off steam on the street have become the target of a controversial website in Japan that identifies neighbourhoods where noise levels may be too much for those in search of a quieter life. The Dorozoku (street tribe) map is ablaze with colourful circles indicating places to avoid because it says, they reverberate to the sound of children at play and adults gossiping within earshot of their neighbours. The site appears to have struck a chord in a country where even packed commuter trains are often oases of quietude, with information about almost 6,000 hotspots across Japan posted by irritable locals. Clicking on the icons reveals the nature of the nuisance, from children "playing noisily with balls" to adults engaging in marathon gossip sessions.

The website is here:

While visiting Japan with three kids we have often gotten the "stink eye" on the train, bus, or even just walking around. It feels very anti-kid at times.
We had 4 or 5 kids near my apartment. I tried to spend an hour with them whenever I could. We had the best time laughing at things and practicing English sometimes. Their favorite game was animal sounds , theirs compared to mine.
The website seems to have some impact, as many real estate agencies try to get their properties delisted.
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