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I am a self taught Noh mask maker, I have been carving Noh masks for about 1 year. I have scoured the internet trying to locate a master mask maker in the USA, but have been unable to locate anyone. My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scott_noh_carving/

Thank you for looking.

Welcome aboard, Scott
You're quite talented; some very fine detail work there and your masks look legit. How did you teach yourself?

I've got an affinity for cultural artifacts, and masks in particular. I've got a few from Korea, a hanamagari-tengu (I can't remember offhand where I got this, but the design is from the Sendai region), and a Noh mask I got in Okayama.

I have some random connections with different Japanese craftsman, but none so far in the mask carving world that I know of. I'll have to ask around.

Right on nice collection you have there. I use google translate to try and decipher a few noh mask making books i have. Painting has been the most difficult for me, I think i painted my obeshimi mask over 15 times and still didnt get it the way i wanted. thanks for asking around for me.
I would start with the University of Connecticut, they are, if I recall correctly, the only place that offers graduate degrees in puppetry and masks, and their staff is quite knowledgeable and connected.

In the Boston area, I would reach out to Eric Bornstein of Behind the Mask Studios. He creates masks, teaches, and has a wide-ranging knowledge of masks.
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