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Nintendo DS

Actually, no. I just haven't bought myself any new clothes in about a year and a half, and don't have cable TV. >.<
BrennaCeDria said:
Actually, no. I just haven't bought myself any new clothes in about a year and a half, and don't have cable TV. >.<

lol Ramen, DS, PSP. lol That's all you need!!!

I haven't even got to play the demo yet. DARN IT. But I am still looking forward to it. I am more of a Sony person myself. They sold me on the wireless and PictoChat though. Also the games, I played Harvest Moon on PS. LOL, Yes it is sorta dorky, but it was good, and now it is on the DS. I think I will like it.

For people who say it is uncomfortable: Many people say either way. It's about your hand's size and stuff. I still think I would like it! ^_^

BTW, do you guys think the Naruto and Ouji-sama Tennis game will be released here. YAY THE TENNIS GAME IS PRINCE OF TENNIS!!! It's one of my fav animes!! J/W....
I actually bought a DS today and i must say it rocks i like mario 64 DS and metroid and i am still gonna get me a psp but the DS is pretty awsome
TwistedMac said:
i was looking at getting one.. but then i read Gabe's review of it (over at penny-arcade.com) so far I've agreed with everything he has said, so if he says something sucks, I don't buy it.

"We also got our hands on a DS last week along with a few games. I just don窶冲 know what to make of it. Every time I pick it up to play a game it feels awkward. It窶冱 big, heavy and uncomfortable to hold.

<long review of different games goes here>

Overall the entire DS experience for me has been very underwhelming. The games range from worthless to decent and the machine itself feels awkward. Nintendo still hasn窶冲 proved to me that the DS isn窶冲 just another Virtual Boy. Maybe the next batch of games will do that. With the PSP looming on the horizon they don窶冲 have a lot of time to waste."
- Gabe
That's the same impression I've got of it this far... it's just too clunky 😌
That's one thing that doesn't bother me too much, is the "clunkiness." I think the graphics and the touch screen set it apart. I really love the GBA playback. I love Golden Sun, and I have barely played it, because I played my friend's SP. I think that the graphics, touch screen, PictoChat (almost got me into it instantly), and wireless/wi-fi is really awesome!!! I still can't wait to get mine ^_^
The popular Japanese games magazine Famitsu conducted a survey among retailers in Japan on what they are most excited about and the results are that they are more excited about the Nintendo DS then the PSP.

"The survey, which appears in the 12/3 issue of the magazine, asked ninety-eight retailers to list the holiday products that most excite them. Based on these results, Famitsu assigned points to the various products to create a top ten list.
DS scored 295 points, making it number one on the list. It was followed by Dragon Quest VIII at 292 points and the PSP at 201 points. Following the top three were Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (88 points), PS2 software in general (56 points), the slim PlayStation 2 (53 points), Tales of Rebirth (39 points), Gran Turismo 4 (33 points), the Dragon Quest "Slime" controller (31 points) and Halo 2 (28 points). Yes, Halo 2 was beaten by a pointy, blue controller.

Looking specifically at hardware, the magazine asked retailers which of the two portables they were most excited by. 61.6% named the DS, with 19.2% naming the PSP. The remaining 19.2% wouldn't answer either way.

Coming out on top in a winter season that sees the release of new Sony hardware and a new Dragon Quest game (as well as a new Dragon Quest controller) should spell good things for the DS. If retailer predictions are right, the system's 12/2 Japanese launch should be lots of fun. Stay tuned to IGNDS for more in the coming weeks!"

Japanese Retail Favors DS - IGN
i want a ds but im not sure if i should get 1, it mite make me lazy or something ~ _ ~ but i bet my gba games would look great on the backlit screen(F frontlit 📣)and i just cant stand the looks of the gba and super gba
oook, so a friend of mine is the editor of a pretty popular web-based console-games review site, so I was over at his place yesterday and checked out some of the new stuff he gets for free from game companies giving him to review. Among other things he got 2 (yes 2!) DS machines.

So we had some fun trying that stuff out.
the screens are fantastic. very clear and all that stuff. everything looks marvelous.
the "clunkyness" actually wasn't too bad, and the little thumb-thing was kewl beyond words.
but where the general feel of the system in my hand was satisfactory, I still had serious issues with the weight.

Don't get me wrong, it's not very heavy.
But the top part weighs like 3 times as much as the bottom, which makes it very top-heavy to hold.
the bottom part also feels very plastic-y and I was almost afraid I'd wreck the miniscule so-called buttons.

overall I still say I'll wait until they release a modified version (I'm sure it'll come as soon as popularity on this model starts to dwindle.)

So the night ended with us looking through his mail to find 6 new games, all sent to him for free and to keep. I'd hate his guts for getting everything I don't, but he let me borrow Tales of Symphonia still in the plastic wrapping, fresh for me to devour, so I still love him.
ya i hear ya on the weight and the clunkieness is not bad once you get used to it now i play it just like i played my GBA
If a Final Fantasy game ends up coming out for it (and it's not a remake), I'll probably get it. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the only reason I got a GameCube and free Game Boy Player.
Here is some interesting news about the Nintendo DS:

Nintendo DS a sales sensation

Nintendo's new handheld game machine is making a splash with holiday shoppers, who snapped up more than 500,000 units in the product's first week on the market.
Japanese game giant Nintendo reported Tuesday that more than 90 percent of available Nintendo DS units were snapped up in the week after their November 21 launch.

The buying frenzy is already creating shortages at some retailers, a situation becoming distressingly familiar this year for anyone with gamers on their shopping list. As of Wednesday, Amazon.com had DS units available only from Amazon Marketplace partners, some of whom were charging a $100 premium over the $150 list price for the handheld. CompUSA didn't even have the DS listed on its Web site, while specialty retailers GameStop and EBGames listed the DS as back-ordered, with EBGames promising delivery by January 31.

"With Nintendo DS sales moving faster than anticipated, some locations have reported sellouts, and Nintendo predicts the initial North American supply will be depleted within days," Nintendo of America said in a statement. "As additional shipments are rushed to stores by this weekend to meet the demand, Nintendo expects to sell 1 million Nintendo DS units in North America alone by the end of 2004."

Nintendo expects to sell 5 million DS units worldwide by March 31, the end of its fiscal year, and had to open a third factory to crank out units fast enough to meet advance demand in Japan, where the device goes on sale Thursday.

Big opening numbers are likely to give Nintendo an even bigger lead over Sony, which is set to enter the handheld gaming market later this month with the PlayStation Portable. Sony executives recently confirmed reports of PSP inventory issues, saying only 200,000 units will be available when the machine goes on sale in Japan on December 12.

Nintendo DS a sales sensation
I have a question. I was wondering about the touch screen. Many people say it will get scratched sooo easy. That's never good you know. So what is that all about? Any comments...?
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