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Japanese language learning game for Nintendo DS?


10 Mar 2003
I've got the Nintendo DS and just had an amazing idea to buy a game to learn Japanese with it. :)
My fiancee is going to Japan next week and could buy me games from there, so basically I'm asking for recommendations if someone has tried some of this type of games?
We found some, but they are mostly for Japanese people, to learn more about their own language, such as kanji etc. We found also a kanji-game for foreigners which seems to be pretty good.
I'm maybe looking for a more "practical" game, teaching words and conversation etc. I have studied Japanese before, but have forgotten so much, so I really do need to revise myself.
Any tips will be greatly upreciated :)
Nevermind... I checked Wikipedia and found this: Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten. Trouble is though, I'm not sure if it was meant to be used for learning English or if it is a dictionary between English and Japanese in it's own right.
That software is very good, but it's not exactly kanji learning software (jiten means dictionary). I like the Sonomama Kanji Renshuu software.
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