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15 Apr 2014
Hello everyone,

I would like to get your thoughts on translating"断捨離" in the context of tidying up one's life and preparing for death.

So the typical : separation, cut off, etc. don't really fit the bill.

settling of one's affairs

settling one's estate

or similar don't "catch the nuance" of a healthy (70+ person), cleaning up their "house, and getting rid of worldly possessions to be ready for the next stage.... in the way that 断捨離 conveys that…

I would very much to hear your comments/suggestions

Thank you
Putting your affairs in order.
Simplifying your life.
Getting rid of extraneous things.
Saying goodbye to useless things.

But I also think "settling your affairs" fits as well.
Hi magestic...

Thanks for the comment – I'm just having problem coming up with an English phrase that short and captures the gravity of hey man I'm dumping all my crap because
This is not working very well on the iPhone, I keep on accidentally posting the message

Anyway, I was looking for something a little bit heavier or A more formal turn of phrase That captures both the I'm dumping my stuff, and I'm preparing for death or the next life, with a little bit of perhaps Buddhist undertones.

Settling my affairs, wrapping up my affairs, well good terms I think, they don't get the separation Of physical items nuance of the Japanese.
Divesting ???


Thank you for your comments
I think "letting go" or "releasing yourself" is a term we'd use. Let go of the past. Release yourself of worldly concerns.

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