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11 Jun 2021
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Wonder if you will be interested to evaluate MT+PE (Post-editing of machine translation) QAed translations?
Requirements: need to evaluate and give a score per video, identify and mark out mistakes (there is no editing required). You do not need to provide any suggestions to the translations.
Scope: To evaluate by scoring Machine Translation + Professional Edit translations of Tiktok videos via our client's proprietary platform (further instructions and guides will be provided upon your interest). You will not be required to edit the translations, only to provide a score.
Language: Japanese
Nature of videos: Content type: TikTok, lifestyle, general contents videos
Volume: Up to 2-3 hours of videos per day – each Tiktok video is on average 35 seconds each (<1 min).
Requirements: Native in Target language, ability to comprehend English, good listening abilities
Expected Commencement/delivery date: Mid June (Tentative) for about 1-2 months period Delivery will be on a daily basis, via our client’s platform. Do note that this also means you will be required to work on weekends and public holidays.
Budget: Up to USD 25/video hour (pro-rated based on how much you take up and complete). We hope you will be willing to consider this rate on account of the large volume of work that will come in.

We hope the above details will give you a good idea of what this project entails.

In addition, it would be great if you can provide the following information in your reply to us.
1. How many hours/minutes of video translations can you evaluate per day?
2. Are you available from now to the middle of July (Tentative)?
3. Are you available during weekends and public holidays?

If interested, contact via DM.


12 Oct 2013
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The videos are in Japanese, and the content is being machine-translated into English? Or the other way around?

Edit: On rereading, it looks like the videos are English, and the content is then machine-translated into Japanese. Anyway, confirmation would be appreciated.
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